Demazin Gets It Done - Cold + Flu ? - Allergy + Hayfever?

Demazin AU Hayfever - Decongestant - Ultra

Allergy + Hayfever

Provides rapid, 24 hour, non-drowsy relief from sneezing, itchy watery eyes, runny nose, rash or hives, at a great value price point.

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Provides fast acting, long lasting 12 hour relief of nasal congestion due to allergies, colds and flu, hayfever, sinusitis.

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Cold + Flu + Cough

Provides trusted, effective, relief of cough, cold and flu symptoms including runny nose, blocked nose and sinuses, sinus pain, headache, fever, body aches/pains and coughs.

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Kids Cough + Cold

Our great tasting kids range provides trusted relief from a variety of cold and flu symptoms.

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Blast Away Hayfever With Demazin Allergy & Hayfever Relief

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